il ballerino

Bronze Sculpture Edition of 8 Size – 204 x 120 x 60cm

fragmented friesian

Bronze Sculpture Edition of 15 Size – 15 x 73 x 40cm


Bronze Sculpture on Picturestone Sandstone base Size – 238 x 155 x 55cm


Bronze Sculpture Edition of 14.  Size – W-18cm, L-81cm, H-58cm

The Chase

Bronze Sculpture Limited Edition. Lifesize


Bronze Sculpture Edition of 15 Size – 40 x 30 x 14cm

Captain Al

This piece demonstrates a different side of my work.The project had a precise purpose which required realistic application of my skills. These pieces are usually commissioned by clients who want to immortalise a subject of significance.

Captain Al was a very famous thoroughbred who recently passed away and was the subject of this very special project. I had the opportunity to meet him, measure him and photograph him for this sculpture.

Klawervlei Stud’s John Koster explained the technical details of Captain Al’s anatomy and the mechanics of a champion thoroughbred horse to help me understand what made him so special.

The whole experience immensely increased my knowledge of horses (especially thoroughbreds). John had a strong connection with Captain Al which made my job much more daunting, yet exciting at the same time.

strength & grace

Bronze Sculpture Edition of 12.  Size – W-52cm, L-170cm, H-180cm


Bronze Sculpture Edition of 8.  Size – W-28cm, L-82cm, H-78cm