Habitat Magazine – Rooi-Els


Die Punt
by Habitat Magazine | Feb 23, 2018 | Design & Architecture

This windswept dune and rock peninsula represents a unique 10 500 square metre location in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Rooi-Els, where the house is located on a promontory, is on the opposite side of Table Bay from Cape Point and an existing, essentially modern dwelling was erected here several years ago. The built structure is around 850 square metres…..

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Equine Lifestyle

July 2017

To capture the essence of my subject.
To immortalize , the moment, the soul, the energy.
that is my goal and inspiration.

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HQ Magazine

JUNE 2016

I’ve been surrounded by art my entire life. My father was an acclaimed sculptor who specialised in wildlife and also painted in oils in Zimbabwe.
I first started sculpting rhinos at the age of five, finishing my father’s pieces. I honed my skills and sold my own first collection of birds and turtles at the tender age of 10. Since then, I have been completely absorbed by animals, the human figure, sculpture, and the movement and anatomy of animals and human form.

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International Racehorse Magazine – April 2018

Feature on Captain Al

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The Sporting Post – 27th Feb 2018

The Man Behind The Bronze – 27th Feb 2018

Rugare Robin Kutinyu. You might not recognise the name, but if you’ve got any more than a passing interest in the local racing and breeding industry, you have definitely seen his work. In fact, he’s become such a fixture on the local landscape, that I was surprised to learn that he’s only been exhibited at sales for the past two years.

Robin is the man responsible for those fantastic life-size bronze horse sculptures in the foyer of the CTICC building at the last two Cape Premier Yearling Sales. He’s also exhibited at Monty Roberts’ Cape demos in 2016, a number of Klawervlei Farm Sales and one of his pieces greets you as you walk into the Candice Bass-Robinson yard. However, the piece that has most captured the hearts, minds and imaginations has been his wonderful life-size work of Captain Al, which was installed in pride of place at Klawervlei last December.


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International Racehorse

APRIL 2017

The pursuit of the ultimate expression, to invoke emotion, and to
capture the moment of perfection and immortalise it are the key
points to what drives and inspires me.
R.Robin Kutinyu

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